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class IDLEShell(Shell):

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IDLE embedded shell interface.

This class allows igraph to be embedded in IDLE (the Tk Python IDE).

Unknown Field: todo
no progress bar support yet. Shell/Restart Shell command should re-import igraph again.
Method __call__ Starts the shell
Method __init__ Constructor.
Instance Variable _root Undocumented
Instance Variable _shell Undocumented

Inherited from Shell:

Method get​_progress​_handler Returns the progress handler (if exists) or None (if not).
Method get​_status​_handler Returns the status handler (if exists) or None (if not).
Method supports​_progress​_bar Checks whether the shell supports progress bars.
Method supports​_status​_messages Checks whether the shell supports status messages.
def __call__(self):
Starts the shell
def __init__(self):


Imports IDLE's embedded shell. The implementation of this method is ripped from idlelib.PyShell.main() after removing the unnecessary parts.

_root =


_shell =