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class PlotlyVerticesDrawer(AbstractVertexDrawer):

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Plotly backend-specific vertex drawer.

Method __init__ Constructs the vertex drawer and associates it to the given palette.
Method draw Draws the given vertex.
Method draw_label Undocumented
Instance Variable fig Undocumented
Instance Variable VisualVertexBuilder Undocumented
Method _construct_visual_vertex_builder Undocumented

Inherited from AbstractVertexDrawer:

Instance Variable layout Undocumented
Instance Variable palette Undocumented
def __init__(self, fig, palette, layout):

Constructs the vertex drawer and associates it to the given palette.

palettethe palette that can be used to map integer color indices to colors when drawing vertices
layoutthe layout of the vertices in the graph being drawn
def draw(self, visual_vertex, vertex, point):

Draws the given vertex.

visual_vertexobject specifying the visual properties of the vertex. Its structure is defined by the VisualVertexBuilder of the CairoGraphDrawer; see its source code.
vertexthe raw igraph vertex being drawn
coordsthe X and Y coordinates of the vertex as specified by the layout algorithm, scaled into the bounding box.
def draw_label(self, visual_vertex, point, **kwds):


fig =


VisualVertexBuilder =


def _construct_visual_vertex_builder(self):