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Create a graph from an edge list matrix


graph_from_edgelist creates a graph from an edge list. Its argument is a two-column matrix, each row defines one edge. If it is a numeric matrix then its elements are interpreted as vertex ids. If it is a character matrix then it is interpreted as symbolic vertex names and a vertex id will be assigned to each name, and also a name vertex attribute will be added.


graph_from_edgelist(el, directed = TRUE)




The edge list, a two column matrix, character or numeric.


Whether to create a directed graph.


Passed to graph_from_edgelist.


An igraph graph.

See Also

Other determimistic constructors: atlas, graph.atlas, graph_from_atlas; chordal_ring, graph.extended.chordal.ring, make_chordal_ring; directed_graph, graph, graph.famous, make_directed_graph, make_graph, make_undirected_graph, undirected_graph; empty_graph, graph.empty, make_empty_graph; from_literal, graph.formula, graph_from_literal; full_citation_graph, graph.full.citation, make_full_citation_graph; full_graph, graph.full, make_full_graph; graph.lattice, lattice, make_lattice; graph.ring, make_ring, ring; graph.star, make_star, star; graph.tree, make_tree, tree


el <- matrix( c("foo", "bar", "bar", "foobar"), nc = 2, byrow = TRUE)

# Create a ring by hand
graph_from_edgelist(cbind(1:10, c(2:10, 1)))

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