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Is a degree sequence graphical?


Determine whether the given vertex degrees (in- and out-degrees for directed graphs) can be reliazed in a simple graph, i.e. a graph without multiple or loop edges.


is_graphical(out.deg, in.deg = NULL)



Integer vector, the degree sequence for undirected graphs, or the out-degree sequence for directed graphs.


NULL or an integer vector. For undireted graphs, it should be NULL. For directed graphs it specifies the in-degrees.


A logical scalar.


Tamas Nepusz ntamas@gmail.com


Hakimi SL: On the realizability of a set of integers as degrees of the vertices of a simple graph. J SIAM Appl Math 10:496-506, 1962.

PL Erdos, I Miklos and Z Toroczkai: A simple Havel-Hakimi type algorithm to realize graphical degree sequences of directed graphs. The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics 17(1):R66, 2010.

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g <- sample_gnp(100, 2/100) is_degseq(degree(g)) is_graphical(degree(g)): is_degseq

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