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Make a new graph


This is is generic function for creating graphs.





Parameters, see details below.


make_ is a generic function for creating graphs. For every graph constructor in igraph that has a make_ prefix, there is a corresponding function without the prefix: e.g. for make_ring there is also ring, etc.

The same is true for the random graph samplers, i.e. for each constructor with a sample_ prefix, there is a corresponding function without that prefix.

These shorter forms can be used together with make_. The advantage of this form is that the user can specify constructor modifiers which work with all constructors. E.g. the link{with_vertex_} modifier adds vertex attributes to the newly created graphs.

See the examples and the various constructor modifiers below.

See Also

simplified with_edge_ with_graph_ with_vertex_ without_loops without_multiples


r <- make_(ring(10))
l <- make_(lattice(c(3, 3, 3)))

r2 <- make_(ring(10), with_vertex_(color = "red", name = LETTERS[1:10]))
l2 <- make_(lattice(c(3, 3, 3)), with_edge_(weight = 2))

ran <- sample_(degseq(c(3,3,3,3,3,3), method = "simple"), simplified())

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