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Using pie charts as vertices in graph plots


More complex vertex images can be used to express addtional information about vertices. E.g. pie charts can be used as vertices, to denote vertex classes, fuzzy classification of vertices, etc.


The vertex shape ‘pie’ makes igraph draw a pie chart for every vertex. There are some extra graphical vertex parameters that specify how the pie charts will look like:


Numeric vector, gives the sizes of the pie slices.


A list of color vectors to use for the pies. If it is a list of a single vector, then this is used for all pies. It the color vector is shorter than the number of areas in a pie, then it is recycled.


The color of the border line of the pie charts, in the same format as pie.color.


The slope of shading lines, given as an angle in degrees (counter-clockwise).


The density of the shading lines, in lines per inch. Non-positive values inhibit the drawing of shading lines.


The line type of the border of the slices.


Gabor Csardi csardi.gabor@gmail.com

See Also

igraph.plotting, plot.igraph


g <- make_ring(10)
values <- lapply(1:10, function(x) sample(1:10,3))
if (interactive()) {
  plot(g, vertex.shape="pie", vertex.pie=values,
       vertex.size=seq(10,30,length=10), vertex.label=NA)

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