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Graph motifs


Graph motifs are small connected subgraphs with a well-defined structure. These functions search a graph for various motifs.


motifs(graph, size = 3, cut.prob = rep(0, size))



Graph object, the input graph.


The size of the motif, currently sizes 3 and 4 are supported in directed graphs and sizes 3-6 in undirected graphs.


Numeric vector giving the probabilities that the search graph is cut at a certain level. Its length should be the same as the size of the motif (the size argument). By default no cuts are made.


motifs searches a graph for motifs of a given size and returns a numeric vector containing the number of different motifs. The order of the motifs is defined by their isomorphism class, see isomorphism_class.


motifs returns a numeric vector, the number of occurrences of each motif in the graph. The motifs are ordered by their isomorphism classes. Note that for unconnected subgraphs, which are not considered to be motifs, the result will be NA.

See Also


Other graph motifs: count_motifs(), sample_motifs()


g <- barabasi.game(100)
motifs(g, 3)
count_motifs(g, 3)
sample_motifs(g, 3)

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