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normalize {igraph}R Documentation

Normalize layout


Scale coordinates of a layout.


  xmin = -1,
  xmax = 1,
  ymin = xmin,
  ymax = xmax,
  zmin = xmin,
  zmax = xmax


xmin, xmax

Minimum and maximum for x coordinates.

ymin, ymax

Minimum and maximum for y coordinates.

zmin, zmax

Minimum and maximum for z coordinates.

See Also

merge_coords, layout_.

Other layout modifiers: component_wise()

Other graph layouts: add_layout_(), component_wise(), layout_as_bipartite(), layout_as_star(), layout_as_tree(), layout_in_circle(), layout_nicely(), layout_on_grid(), layout_on_sphere(), layout_randomly(), layout_with_dh(), layout_with_fr(), layout_with_gem(), layout_with_graphopt(), layout_with_kk(), layout_with_lgl(), layout_with_mds(), layout_with_sugiyama(), layout_(), merge_coords(), norm_coords()


layout_(make_ring(10), with_fr(), normalize())

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