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Plotting of graphs


plot.igraph is able to plot graphs to any R device. It is the non-interactive companion of the tkplot function.


## S3 method for class 'igraph'
  axes = FALSE,
  add = FALSE,
  xlim = c(-1, 1),
  ylim = c(-1, 1),
  mark.groups = list(),
  mark.shape = 1/2,
  mark.col = rainbow(length(mark.groups), alpha = 0.3),
  mark.border = rainbow(length(mark.groups), alpha = 1),
  mark.expand = 15,



The graph to plot.


Logical, whether to plot axes, defaults to FALSE.


Logical scalar, whether to add the plot to the current device, or delete the device's current contents first.


The limits for the horizontal axis, it is unlikely that you want to modify this.


The limits for the vertical axis, it is unlikely that you want to modify this.


A list of vertex id vectors. It is interpreted as a set of vertex groups. Each vertex group is highlighted, by plotting a colored smoothed polygon around and “under” it. See the arguments below to control the look of the polygons.


A numeric scalar or vector. Controls the smoothness of the vertex group marking polygons. This is basically the ‘shape’ parameter of the xspline function, its possible values are between -1 and 1. If it is a vector, then a different value is used for the different vertex groups.


A scalar or vector giving the colors of marking the polygons, in any format accepted by xspline; e.g. numeric color ids, symbolic color names, or colors in RGB.


A scalar or vector giving the colors of the borders of the vertex group marking polygons. If it is NA, then no border is drawn.


A numeric scalar or vector, the size of the border around the marked vertex groups. It is in the same units as the vertex sizes. If a vector is given, then different values are used for the different vertex groups.


Additional plotting parameters. See igraph.plotting for the complete list.


One convenient way to plot graphs is to plot with tkplot first, handtune the placement of the vertices, query the coordinates by the tk_coords function and use them with plot to plot the graph to any R device.


Returns NULL, invisibly.


Gabor Csardi csardi.gabor@gmail.com

See Also

layout for different layouts, igraph.plotting for the detailed description of the plotting parameters and tkplot and rglplot for other graph plotting functions.


g <- make_ring(10)
plot(g, layout=layout_with_kk, vertex.color="green")

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