About igraph releases and other things

R/igraph 0.2

R/igraph 0.2

August 18, 2006

Release time at last! There are many new things in igraph 0.2, the most important ones:

  • reading writing Pajek and GraphML formats with attributes (not all Pajek and GraphML files are supported, see documentation for details)
  • iterators totally rewritten, it is much faster and cleaner now
  • the RANDEDU fast motif search algorithm is implemented
  • many new graph generators, both games and regular graphs
  • many new structural properties: transitivity, reciprocity, etc.
  • graph operators: union, intersection, difference, structural holes, etc.
  • conversion between directed and undirected graphs
  • new layout algorithms for trees and large graphs, 3D layouts

and many more.

New things in the R package:

  • support for CTRL+C
  • new functions: Graph Laplacian, Burt’s constraint, etc.
  • vertex/edge sequences totally rewritten, smart indexing (see manual)
  • new R manual and tutorial: ‘Network Analysis with igraph’, still under development but useful
  • very basic 3D plotting using OpenGL

Although this release was somewhat tested on Linux, MS Windows, Mac OSX, Solaris 8 and FreeBSD, no heavy testing was done, so it might contain bugs, and we kindly ask you to send bug reports to make igraph better.