About igraph releases and other things

python-igraph 0.11.5

python-igraph 0.11.5, the fifth bugfix release of the 0.11 series, has arrived. The primary reason for this release is to update the C core of igraph to 0.10.12, which brings quite a few bugfixes to the Python interface. Please refer to the changelog for more details.

The preferred way of installing the Python interface is via pip; typing pip install igraph should install a pre-compiled Python wheel on most supported platforms (Windows, Linux and macOS). The pre-compiled wheels and the source code are also available from the Python Package Index page.

Read on for more details about the changes in version 0.11.5.


  • Added a prefixattr=... keyword argument to Graph.write_graphml() that allows the user to strip the g_, v_ and e_ prefixes from GraphML files written by igraph.


  • Graph.are_connected() has now been renamed to Graph.are_adjacent(), following up a similar change in the C core. The old name of the function is deprecated but will be kept around until at least 0.12.0.
  • The C core of igraph was updated to version 0.10.12.
  • Deprecated PyCObject API calls in the C code were replaced by calls to PyCapsule, thanks to @DavidRConnell in #763
  • get_shortest_path() documentation was clarified by @JDPowell648 in #764
  • It is now possible to link to an existing igraph C core on MSYS2, thanks to @Kreijstal in #770


  • Bugfix in the NetworkX graph conversion code by @rmmaf in #767