About igraph releases and other things

python-igraph 0.3.3

python-igraph 0.3.3

New in the C library

  • igraph_connect_neighborhood(), nomen est omen
  • igraph_watts_strogatz_game() and igraph_rewire_edges()
  • K-core decomposition: igraph_coreness()
  • Clique and independent vertex set related functions: igraph_cliques(), igraph_independent_vertex_sets(), igraph_maximal_cliques(), igraph_maximal_independent_vertex_sets(), igraph_independence_number(), `igraph_clique_number(), Some of these function were ported from the very_nauty library of Keith Briggs, thanks Keith!
  • The GraphML file format now supports graph attributes
  • Transitivity calculation speeded up
  • Correct transitivity calculation for multigraphs (ie. non-simple graphs)

Bugs corrected

  • make install installs the library correctly on Cygwin now
  • Pajek parser corrected to read files with MacOS newline characters correctly
  • overflow bug in transitivity calculation for large graphs corrected
  • an internal memcpy/memmove bug causing some segfaults removed