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R/igraph 0.4.3

R/igraph 0.4.3

August 13, 2007

The next one in the sequence of bugfix releases. Thanks to many people sending bug reports. Here are the changes:

  • Some memory leaks removed when using attributes from R or Python.
  • GraphML parser: entities and character data in multiple chunks are now handled correctly.
  • A bug corrected in edge betweenness community structure detection, it failed if called many times from the same program/session.
  • Bug corrected in ‘adjacent edges’ edge iterator.
  • Edge betweeness community structure: handle unconnected graphs properly.
  • Fixed bug related to fast greedy community detection in unconnected graphs.
  • Use a different kind of parser (Push) for reading GraphML files. This is almost invisible for users but fixed a nondeterministic bug when reading in GraphML files.
  • R interface: plot now handles properly if called with a vector as the edge.width argument for directed graphs.
  • R interface: bug (typo) corrected for and weighted graphs.
  • Test suite should run correctly on Cygwin now.