About igraph releases and other things

April 21, 2014

Release Notes

Some bug fixes, to make sure that the code included in 'Statistical Analysis of Network Data with R' works. See

Detailed changes:

  • Graph drawing: fix labels of curved edges, issue #181.
  • Graph drawing: allow fixing edge labels at given positions, issue #181.
  • Drop the 'type' vertex attribute after bipartite projection, the projections are not bipartite any more, issue #255.
  • Print logical attributes in header properly (i.e. encoded by l, not x, which is for complex attributes. Issue #578.
  • Add a constructor for communities objects, see create.communities(). Issue #547.
  • Better error handling in the GraphML parser.
  • GraphML reader is a bit more lenient now; makes it possible to read GraphML files saved from yWorks apps.
  • Fixed a bug in constaint(), issue #580.
  • Bipartite projection now detects invalid edges instead of giving a cryptic error, issue #543.
  • Fixed the simplify argument of graph.formula(), which was broken, issue #586.
  • The function crossing() adds better names to the result, fixes issue #587.
  • The sir() function gives an error if the input graph is not simple, fixes issue #582.
  • Calling igraph functions from igraph callbacks is not allowed now, fixes issue #571.