About igraph releases and other things

R/igraph 0.7.1

Release Notes

Some bug fixes, to make sure that the code included in ‘Statistical Analysis of Network Data with R’ works. See

Detailed changes:

  • Graph drawing: fix labels of curved edges, issue #181.
  • Graph drawing: allow fixing edge labels at given positions, issue #181.
  • Drop the ‘type’ vertex attribute after bipartite projection, the projections are not bipartite any more, issue #255.
  • Print logical attributes in header properly (i.e. encoded by l, not x, which is for complex attributes. Issue #578.
  • Add a constructor for communities objects, see create.communities(). Issue #547.
  • Better error handling in the GraphML parser.
  • GraphML reader is a bit more lenient now; makes it possible to read GraphML files saved from yWorks apps.
  • Fixed a bug in constaint(), issue #580.
  • Bipartite projection now detects invalid edges instead of giving a cryptic error, issue #543.
  • Fixed the simplify argument of graph.formula(), which was broken, issue #586.
  • The function crossing() adds better names to the result, fixes issue #587.
  • The sir() function gives an error if the input graph is not simple, fixes issue #582.
  • Calling igraph functions from igraph callbacks is not allowed now, fixes issue #571.