About igraph releases and other things

C/igraph 0.8.4

C/igraph 0.8.4, the fourth bugfix release of the 0.8 series, has arrived.

The sources can be obtained from the GitHub releases page.

This release includes bug fixes and documentation improvements. The changelog is below.


  • igraph_i_cattribute_combine_vertices(): fixed invalid cleanup code that eventually filled up the “finally” stack when combining vertices with attributes extensively.
  • igraph_hrg_sample(): fixed incorrect function prototype
  • igraph_is_posinf() and igraph_is_neginf(): fixed incorrect result on platforms where the sign of the result of isinf() is not indicative of the sign of the input.
  • Fixed building with vendored LAPACK and external BLAS
  • Fixed building with XCode 12.2 on macOS


  • Documentation improvements
  • General code cleanup to reduce the number of compiler warnings