About igraph releases and other things

C/igraph 0.9.5

C/igraph 0.9.5, the fifth bugfix release of the 0.9 series, has arrived.

The source can be obtained from the GitHub releases page.

This release includes bug fixes and performance improvements only.


  • igraph_reindex_membership() does not allow negative membership indices any more.

  • igraph_rewire_directed_edges() now generates multigraphs when edge directions are ignored, to make it consistent with the directed case.

  • Fixed a bug in igraph_gomory_hu_tree() that returned only the equivalent flow tree instead of the cut tree.

  • Fixed a bug in the IGRAPH_TO_UNDIRECTED_COLLAPSE mode of igraph_to_undirected() that provided an incorrect merge vector to the attribute handler, leading to problems when edge attributes were merged using an attribute combination.

  • Fixed the behaviour of the IGRAPH_ENABLE_LTO option when it was set to AUTO; earlier versions had a bug where AUTO simply checked whether LTO is supported but then did not use LTO even if it was supported.

  • When using igraph from a CMake project, it is now checked that the project has the C++ language enabled. This is necessary for linking to igraph with CMake.


  • Improved the root selection method for disconnected graphs in the Reingold-Tilford layout (#1836). The new root selection method provides nicer results if the graph is not a tree, although it is still recommended to use the Sugiyama layout instead, unless the input graph is almost a tree, in which case Reingold-Tilfold may still be preferred.

  • igraph_decompose() is now much faster for large graphs containing many isolates or small components.

  • igraph_largest_cliques() and igraph_clique_number() were re-written to use igraph_maximal_cliques_callback() so they are much faster now.

  • The vendored GLPK has been upgraded to GLPK 5.0.

  • Documentation improvements.