About igraph releases and other things

R/igraph 1.3.2

R-igraph 1.3.2, the second bugfix release of the 1.3 series is now released – and it looks like we forgot to post an announcement about 1.3.1, so in the rest of this post we summarize the changes in versions 1.3.1 and 1.3.2 as well.

As always, we tried to do our best not to cause breaking changes for users of igraph from R, but in case we have made unintentional mistakes, please report issues in the Github issue tracker.

igraph 1.3.2

The C core is updated to 0.9.9, fixing a range of bugs.


  • The length of size-zero communities objects is now reported correctly.
  • layout_with_kk() would fail to produce reasonable results with the default initial coordinates. This has been corrected, however, this function no longer produces precisely the same output for a given graph as before. To restore the previous behaviour, use layout_with_kk(g, coord=layout_in_circle(g)) in 2D or layout_with_kk(g, dim=3, coord=layout_on_sphere(g)) in 3D.
  • Indexing an igraph.vs object with v[x, na_ok=T] now correctly handles the na_ok argument in all cases; previous versions ignored it when x was a single number.


  • Documentation improvements and fixes.

igraph 1.3.1


  • graph_from_adjacency_matrix() now works with sparse matrices even if the cell values in the sparse matrix are unspecified.
  • Fixed crash in cluster_walktrap() when modularity=FALSE and membership=FALSE.
  • cluster_walktrap() no longer accepts invalid weight vectors.
  • cluster_walktrap() no longer returns a modularity vector of invalid length for disconnected graphs. This also fixes some rare failures of this function on weighted disconnected graphs.
  • edge_attr() does not ignore its index=... argument any more.
  • automorphisms(), automorphism_group() and canonical_permutation() now allow all possible values supported by the C core in the sh argument. Earlier versions supported only "fm".
  • The vertex.frame.width plotting parameter now allows zero and negative values; these will simply remove the outline of the corresponding vertex.
  • The documentation of the sh argument of the BLISS isomorphism algorithm in isomorphic() was fixed; earlier versions incorrectly referred to sh1 and sh2.
  • dominator_tree() now conforms to its documentation with respect to the dom component of the result: it contains the indices of the dominator vertices for each vertex and -1 for the root of the dominator tree.
  • Mentions of the "power" algorithm of page_rank() have been removed from the documentation, as this method is no longer available.
  • Several other documentation fixes to bring the docs up to date with new behaviours in igraph 1.3.