About igraph releases and other things

IGraph/M 0.6.3

A new maintenance release of IGraph/M is now available. This is a bugfix release recommended for all users. As usual, the simplest way to upgrade is to evaluate the following, and then restart Mathematica:


IGraph/M 0.6.3


  • When an invalid vertex is passed to IGraph/M functions, now the message shown is IGraphM::invv instead of VertexIndex::inv.


  • In rare cases, vertex names that were lists of other vertex names in the same graph were misinterpreted. This affected only Mathematica 12.0 and later.
  • IGCommunitiesLeadingEigenvector is less likely to fail to converge now.
  • IGCommunitiesLeadingEigenvector now respects random seeds set in Mathematica. These affect only the random starting vector it uses internally, which can very rarely cause non-deterministic output.
  • IGBarabasiAlbertGame no longer accepts negative or zero exponents, as these were not handled correctly.
  • IGBridges is no longer prone to stack overflow when given very large graphs.


  • Performance improvements for IGGraphEditor.
  • Documentation improvements.