About igraph releases and other things

IGraph/M 0.6.5

Just in time before the Christmas holidays, IGraph/M 0.6.5 is now released. This version (along with the unreleased 0.6.4) brings greatly improved performance when computing proximity graphs, new convenience functions, as well as robustness improvements. As usual, you can conveniently upgrade by running the installer script, using the following command:




  • Improved error checking and added more internal consistency checks to help debug issues with recent Mathematica versions.



  • IGBetaWeightedGabrielGraph for computing the β value where each edge of a lune-based β-skeleton would disappear (experimental function).
  • IGModularityMatrix gives the modularity matrix of a network.
  • IGCanonicalLabeledGraph creates a canonical representation of a labeled graph without changing vertex names. Graphs which are considered equivalent by IGSameGraphQ have the same canonical representation. It is intended for removing duplicate graphs using DeleteDuplicatesBy.
  • IGCanonicalEdgeList creates a canonical representation of an edge list, in a manner similar to IGCanonicalLabeledGraph.


  • Documentation improvements
  • Significant performance improvements for the calculation of lune and circle based β skeletons when using large β values.