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class ArrowEdgeDrawer(AbstractEdgeDrawer):

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Edge drawer implementation that draws undirected edges as straight lines and directed edges as arrows.
Method draw​_directed​_edge Draws a directed edge.

Inherited from AbstractEdgeDrawer:

Method __init__ Constructs the edge drawer.
Method draw​_loop​_edge Draws a loop edge.
Method draw​_undirected​_edge Draws an undirected edge.
Method get​_label​_position Returns the position where the label of an edge should be drawn. The default implementation returns the midpoint of the edge and an alignment that tries to avoid overlapping the label with the edge.
Instance Variable context Undocumented
Instance Variable palette Undocumented
Instance Variable ​Visual​Edge​Builder Undocumented
Static Method _curvature​_to​_float Converts values given to the 'curved' edge style argument in plotting calls to floating point values.
Method _construct​_visual​_edge​_builder Construct the visual edge builder that will collect the visual attributes of an edge when it is being drawn.
def draw_directed_edge(self, edge, src_vertex, dest_vertex):
Draws a directed edge.
edgethe edge to be drawn. Visual properties of the edge are defined by the attributes of this object.
src​_vertexthe source vertex. Visual properties are given again as attributes.
dest​_vertexthe target vertex. Visual properties are given again as attributes.