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Command-line user interface of igraph

The command-line interface launches a Python shell with the igraph module automatically imported into the main namespace. This is mostly a convenience module and it is used only by the igraph command line script which executes a suitable Python shell and automatically imports igraph's classes and functions in the top-level namespace.

Supported Python shells are:

The shells are tried in the above mentioned preference order one by one, unless the global.shells configuration key is set which overrides the default order. IDLE shell is only tried in Windows unless explicitly stated by global.shells, since Linux and Mac OS X users are likely to invoke igraph from the command line.

Class TerminalController A class that can be used to portably generate formatted output to a terminal.
Class ProgressBar A 2-line progress bar, which looks like:
Class Shell Superclass of the embeddable shells supported by igraph
Class IDLEShell IDLE embedded shell interface.
Class ConsoleProgressBarMixin Mixin class for console shells that support a progress bar.
Class IPythonShell IPython embedded shell interface.
Class ClassicPythonShell Classic Python shell interface.
Function main The main entry point for igraph when invoked from the command line shell
def main():

The main entry point for igraph when invoked from the command line shell

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