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Shape drawing classes for igraph

Vertex shapes in igraph are usually referred to by short names like "rect" or "circle". This module contains the classes that implement the actual drawing routines for these shapes, and a resolver class that determines the appropriate shape drawer class given the short name.

Classes that are derived from ShapeDrawer in this module are automatically registered by ShapeDrawerDirectory. If you implement a custom shape drawer, you must register it in ShapeDrawerDirectory manually if you wish to refer to it by a name in the shape attribute of vertices.

Class ShapeDrawer Static class, the ancestor of all vertex shape drawer classes.
Class NullDrawer Static drawer class which draws nothing.
Class RectangleDrawer Static class which draws rectangular vertices
Class CircleDrawer Static class which draws circular vertices
Class UpTriangleDrawer Static class which draws upright triangles
Class DownTriangleDrawer Static class which draws triangles pointing down
Class DiamondDrawer Static class which draws diamonds (i.e. rhombuses)
Class PolygonDrawer Class that is used to draw polygons.
Class ShapeDrawerDirectory Static class that resolves shape names to their corresponding shape drawer classes.
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