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Choose an appropriate graph layout algorithm automatically


This function tries to choose an appropriate graph layout algorithm for the graph, automatically, based on a simple algorithm. See details below.


layout_nicely(graph, dim = 2, ...)




The input graph


Dimensions, should be 2 or 3.


For layout_nicely the extra arguments are passed to the real layout function. For nicely all argument are passed to layout_nicely.


layout_nicely tries to choose an appropriate layout function for the supplied graph, and uses that to generate the layout. The current implementation works like this:

  1. If the graph has a graph attribute called ‘layout’, then this is used. If this attribute is an R function, then it is called, with the graph and any other extra arguments.

  2. Otherwise, if the graph has vertex attributes called ‘x’ and ‘y’, then these are used as coordinates. If the graph has an additional ‘z’ vertex attribute, that is also used.

  3. Otherwise, if the graph is connected and has less than 1000 vertices, the Fruchterman-Reingold layout is used, by calling layout_with_fr.

  4. Otherwise the DrL layout is used, layout_with_drl is called.


A numeric matrix with two or three columns.


Gabor Csardi csardi.gabor@gmail.com

See Also


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