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Abstract drawer that uses a remote service via XML-RPC to draw something on a remote display.

Instance Variable server Undocumented
Instance Variable service Undocumented
Static Method _resolve_hostname No summary

Inherited from AbstractDrawer:

Method draw Abstract method, must be implemented in derived classes.
def __init__(self, url, service=None):

Constructs an abstract drawer using the XML-RPC service at the given URL.

Parametersurlthe URL where the XML-RPC calls for the service should be addressed to.
servicethe name of the service at the XML-RPC address. If None, requests will be directed to the server proxy object constructed by xmlrpclib.ServerProxy; if not None, the given attribute will be looked up in the server proxy object.
server =


service =


def _resolve_hostname(url):

Parses the given URL, resolves the hostname to an IP address and returns a new URL with the resolved IP address. This speeds up things big time on Mac OS X where an IP lookup would be performed for every XML-RPC call otherwise.

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