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class documentation
Method draw Draws the given graph on an UbiGraph display.
Instance Variable edge_defaults Undocumented
Instance Variable vertex_defaults Undocumented

Inherited from AbstractXMLRPCDrawer:

Instance Variable server Undocumented
Instance Variable service Undocumented
Static Method _resolve_hostname No summary

Inherited from AbstractGraphDrawer:

Method ensure_layout Helper method that ensures that layout is an instance of Layout. If it is not, the method will try to convert it to a Layout according to the following rules:
def __init__(self, url='http://localhost:20738/RPC2'):

Constructs an UbiGraph drawer using the display at the given URL.

vertex_defaults =


edge_defaults =


def draw(self, graph, *args, **kwds):

Draws the given graph on an UbiGraph display.

clearwhether to clear the current UbiGraph display before plotting. Default: True.
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